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Crypto Count LTD

Crypto Count LTD is the first company using artificial intelligence in the digital currency industry, and its investment portfolios in 2019, received its license from England at 11885018. The founding of Crypto Count LTD Company 2019 was registered with 11885018 in the British Registered Office of Entities, Creating value and wealth within the framework of cash returns and value added from investing (relying on the creation of value chains)

Crypto Count LTD

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Crypto Count LTD is a UK registered company

Company #11885018
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investment solutions

Plan A:
daily for 12 days
min. amount $20
max. amount $3,999
Plan B:
daily for 13 days
min. amount $4,000
max. amount $8,999
Plan C:
daily for 15 days
min. amount $9,000
max. amount $90,000

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Main activity

The subject of the company's activity in accordance with Article 2 of the Articles of Association:
The main activity is to buy, sell and invest in digital currency and the “blockchain” in accordance with the regulations approved by the stock exchange and "securities for the purpose of profiting with the intention of controlling the operations of the venture capital company
The subject of sub-activity is:
Investing in other things, including physical assets, production projects, blockchain projects and investment deposits with leading companies in the industry, credit institutions.

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Cryptocount LTD is a UK registered company # 11885018

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